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Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein

(*1879  †1955)

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de / Deutsch : 
Albert Einstein. Deutscher Physiker jüdischer Herkunft. · Biografie
en / English : 
Albert Einstein. German-American theoretical physicist. · Biography · Works on Wikisource
eo / Esperanto : 
Albert Einstein (Alberto Ejnsxtejno). Germana-usona fizikisto. · Biografio
es / Español : 
Albert Einstein. Físico germano-estadounidense. · Biografía · Obras en Wikisource
fr / Français : 
Albert Einstein. Physicien germano-américain. · Biographie · Œuvres sur Wikisource

ru / русский : 
Альберт Эйнштейн. Немецко-американский физик · Биография



Deutsch (incl. English translations)

Semi-populäre Arbeiten
Spezielle Relativitätstheorie
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Allgemeine Relativitätstheorie

English translations

On Wikisource
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The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein (25 volumes)
  • Volume 1, The Early Years: 1879-1902
  • Volume 2, The Swiss Years: Writings, 1900-1909
  • Volume 3, The Swiss Years: Writings, 1909-1911
  • Volume 4, The Swiss Years: Writings, 1912-1914
  • Volume 5, The Swiss Years: Correspondence, 1902-1914
  • Volume 6, The Berlin Years: Writings, 1914-1917
  • Volume 7, The Berlin Years: Writings, 1918-1921
  • Volume 8, The Berlin Years: Correspondence, 1914-1918 (in two parts)
  • Volume 9, The Berlin Years: Correspondence, January 1919-April 1920
  • Volume 10, The Berlin Years: Correspondence, May-December 1920, and Supplementary Correspondence, 1909-1920

French translations

Traductions de Maurice Solovine (1875 — 1958)

Russian translations

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