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The Light Moscow Rain

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The Light Moscow Rain
written by Osip Mandelstam
From Poems 1921-1925. See also Poems. Translated from Russian by Dmitri Smirnov. In Russian: Московский дождик. Link to further information

The Light Moscow Rain

It gives away so scantily
Its weak sparrow chill —
A little to us, a little to the trees,
A little to the cherries on a tray.

And in the darkness the boiling grows —
A light fuss of tea leaves,
Like an airy ant-hill
Feasting in the dark verdures.

The vineyard of the fresh drops
Is stirring in the meadow:
As if the nest of the cold
Was appeared in web-footed Moscow.


© Dmitri Smirnov, Translation. Can be reproduced if non commercial. This work is published here under the Creative Commons CC BY.png CC NC.png license and can be reproduced if non-commercial. cs | de | en | eo | es | fr | he | pl | ru | zh
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