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The Soul-Eater

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Always Comes Evening ~ The Soul-Eater
written by Robert Ervin Howard
First poem of Howard's "Sonnets out of Bedlam" cycle:
  1. The Soul-Eater
  2. The Last Hour
  3. The Singer in the Mist
  4. Haunting Columns
  5. The Dream and the Shadow
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I swam below the surface of a lake
   And found myself within a curious hall,
   Lined with bronze columns, somber-black and tall;
On them I heard the evil gray waves break.
Sudden the granite floor began to shake;
   A monster strode from out an iron stall;
   Before his gryphon feet I reeled, to fall
As one who, dreaming, struggles to awake.

Upon my lips he set his grisly mouth
As to allay some fierce, demoniac drouth.
   A broken shell, I tread the earth in vain;
      My comrades are the goblin and the troll,
   Since One in that forgotten, sunken fane
      In evil hunger sucked from me my soul.

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