A Life's Love

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A Life's Love
written by William Henry Davies
Nature Poems (1908) Link to further information

How I do love to sit and dream
  Of that sweet passion, when I meet
The lady I must love for life!
  The very thought makes my Soul beat
Its wings, as though it saw that light
Silver the rims of my black night.

I see her bring a crimson mouth
  To open at a kiss, and close;
I see her bring her two fair cheeks,
  That I may paint on each a rose;
I see her two hands, like doves white,
Fly into mine and hide from sight.

In fancy hear her soft, sweet voice;
  My eager Soul, to catch her words,
Waits at the ear, with Noah's haste
  To take God's message-bearing Birds;
What passion she will in me move -
That Lady I for life must love!

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