A Month Ago

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A Month Ago
written by William Henry Davies
From "Farewell to Poesy", 1910 Link to further information

A month ago, ah happy me!
I found a pool with no man by;
Which clouds had made so deep to see,
As was the height from earth to sky;
It was a lovely day in spring,
And flowers did bloom, and birds did sing.

I hummed with bees, I stared with sheep,
I whistled with the birds for joy;
1 shook the butterflies from sleep,
Their time the better to employ;
And when night came I laughed with glee,
When I the Moon's sad face did see.

A month ago, ah happy me!
O woeful, woeful days since then!
For I a banished man must be,
Out of the land of happy men;
On me a woman trained her charms,
To win another to her arms.

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