A Safe Estate

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A Safe Estate
written by William Henry Davies
New Poems (1907) Link to further information

If I hear Robin sing in mirth,
I for no company shall pine;
Millions of souls, indeed! On earth -
I know two only, his and mine.
I like Red Robin, he doth draw
More close than many of my kin;
The last face yestere'en I saw,
His first this morn came peeping in;
For him my curtain is half drawn,
To follow on the look of Morn.

He who loves Nature truly, hath
His wealth in her kind hands; and it
Is in safe trust until his death,
Increasing as he uses it;
'Tis proof 'gainst water, thief, and flame;
He'll not lay wild hands on his life,
As one who, in his health and prime,
Lets out his blood with a sharp knife,
When of ten ships but nine returned,
Or out of houses ten one burned.

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