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Biography of Adela Castell
written by William Belmont Parker
From Uruguayans of to-day ~ The Hispanic Society of America, 1921


Author; teacher.

Adela Castell de López Rocha, the daughter of Francisco Castell and Adelaida Ducrosé, was enrolled, when she was only thirteen years old, in the national body of teachers by taking charge of a class in the school directed by her sister, Señora Dorila Castell de Orosco. Here she taught grammar. At the age of fifteen she commenced the study of philosophy and law, and in 1887 obtained the title of Head Mistress of the Third Grade, the highest rank in the teaching profession. She was then Assistant Principal of the Normal Institute, which she legt to fill the post of Principal of the Experimental School. In this capacity she completed her twenty-fifth year of service.

Señora Castell de López Rocha was the first woman to appear on the platform in Montevideo and to speak at the Ateneo of Asunción, Paraguay. She has also delivered an address and recited verses composed by herself at the Uruguayan Club of Buenos Aires. At the Scientific American Congress, which took place at Montevideo in 1900, she presented a paper on the relation of Experimental Schools to the Normal Schools, part of which were reprinted in the Spanish reviews. She is collecting at the present time, with a view to publication, a series of literary and pedagogical essays.

In 1920 a group of two hundred ladies and gentlemen of Uruguay presented a petition to the Chamber of Deputies, asking that official recognition and a special pension be granted to this educationist of long and tried service.

As a writer she has contributed both prose and verse to La Ondina del Plata, La Floresta Uruguaya, Boletín de Enseñanza, El Almanaque Sudamericano, and La Revista Nacional.

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