Ages Ago

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Ages Ago
written by Walter de la Mare
The Listeners and Other Poems (1912) Link to further information

Launcelot loved Guinevere,
    Ages and ages ago,
Beautiful as a bird was she,
Preening its wings in a cypress tree,
Happy in sadness, she and he,
    They loved each other so.

Helen of Troy was beautiful
    As tender flower in May,
Her loveliness from the towers looked down,
With the sweet moon for silver crown,
Over the walls of Troy Town,
    Hundreds of years away.

Cleopatra, Egypt's Queen,
    Was wondrous kind to ken,
As when the stars in the dark sky
Like buds on thorny branches lie,
So seemed she too to Antony,
    That age-gone prince of men.

The Pyramids are old stones,
    Scarred is that grey face,
That by the greenness of Old Nile
Gazes with an unchanging smile,
Man with all mystery to beguile
    And give his thinking grace.

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