Air Raid

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Air Raid
written by Wilfrid Wilson Gibson
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 Night shatters in mid-heaven: the bark of guns,
 The roar of planes, the crash of bombs, and all
 The unshackled sky pandemonium stuns
 The senses to indifference, when a fall
 Of masonry near by startles awake,
 Tingling wide-eyed, prick-eared, with bristling hair,
 Each sense within the body crouched aware
 Like some sore-hunted creature in the brake.
 Yet side by side we lie in the little room,
 Just touching hands, with eyes and ears that strain
 Keenly, yet dream-bewildered, through tense gloom,
 Listening in helpless stupor of insane
 Drugged nightmare panic fantastically wild,
 To the quiet breathing of our sleeping child.

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