Anthony Crundle

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Anthony Crundle
written by John Drinkwater
Olton Pools, 1916 Link to further information

Here lies the body of

Farmer, of this parish,
Who died in 1849 at the age of 82.
"He delighted in music."

And of

For fifty-three years his wife.
Who died in 1860, aged 86.

ANTHONY CRUNDLE of Dorrington Wood
Played on a piccolo. Lord was he,
For seventy years, of sheaves that stood
Under the perry and cider tree;
Anthony Crundle, R.I.P.

And because he prospered with sickle and scythe,
With cattle afield and labouring ewe,
Anthony was uncommonly blithe,
And played of a night to himself and Sue
Anthony Crundle, eighty-two.

The earth to till, and a tune to play,
And Susan for fifty years and three,
And Dorrington Wood at the end of day . . .
May Providence do no worse by me;
Anthony Crundle, R.I.P.

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