At His Execution

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At His Execution
written by Rudyard Kipling
First published in Limits and Renewals (1932), accompanying the story The Manner of Men. Link to further information

I am made all things to all men—
       Hebrew, Roman, and Greek—
       In each one's tongue I speal,
Suiting to each my word,
That some may be drawn to the Lord!

I am made all things to all men—
       In City or Wilderness
       Praising the crafts they profess
That some may be drawn to the Lord—
By any means to my Lord!

Since I was overcome
       By that great Light and Word,
       I have forgot or forgone
The self men call their own
(Being made all things to all men)
       So that I might save some
       At such small price, to the Lord,
As being all things to all men.

I was made all things to all men,
But now my course is done—
And now is my reward...
Ah, Christ, when I stand at Thy Throne
With those I have drawn to the Lord,
   Restore me my self again!

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