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written by Gordon Bottomley
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    What poets sang in Atlantis? Who can tell
    The epics of Atlantis or their names?
    The sea hath its own murmurs, and sounds not
    The secrets of its silences beneath,
    And knows not any cadences enfolded
    When the last bubbles of Atlantis broke
    Among the quieting of its heaving floor.

    O, years and tides and leagues and all their billows
    Can alter not man's knowledge of men's hearts -
    While trees and rocks and clouds include our being
    We know the epics of Atlantis still:
    A hero gave himself to lesser men,
    Who first misunderstood and murdered him,
    And then misunderstood and worshipped him;
    A woman was lovely and men fought for her,
    Towns burnt for her, and men put men in bondage,
    But she put lengthier bondage on them all;
    A wanderer toiled among all the isles
    That fleck this turning star of shifting sea,
    Or lonely purgatories of the mind,
    In longing for his home or his lost love.

    Poetry is founded on the hearts of men:
    Though in Nirvana or the Heavenly courts
    The principle of beauty shall persist,
    Its body of poetry, as the body of man,
    Is but a terrene form, a terrene use,
    That swifter being will not loiter with;
    And, when mankind is dead and the world cold,
    Poetry's immortality will pass.

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