Autumn (Twitchell—Ives)

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written by written by Harmony Twitchell & Charles Ives
Text of Charles Ives' song «Autumn», 1908. Russian translation: Осень. Link to further information


 Earth rests! Her work is done, her fields lie bare,
 and 'ere the night of winter comes
 to hush her song and close her tired eyes,
 She turns her face for the sun to smile upon
 and radiantly, radiantly, thro' Fall's bright glow,
 he smiles and brings the Peace of God!


Music by Charles Ives

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The first manuscript version:


Earth rests. Her work is done
And, ere the night of winter comes
To close her tired eyes & hush
her summer’s song,
She looks up sweetly for the Sun
to smile on her[.]
And radiantly, thro’ all the Autumn’s
glow, he smiles
And brings the Peace of God.

1907 or ?1908


© by Harmony Twitchell (Mrs. Charles Ives) (1876-1979)

© by Charles Edward Ives (1874-1954)