Banalata Sen (Poem)

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Banalata Sen
written by Jibanananda Das 1942, translated by Jibanananda Das
Kurri Bachhar Porey
From Banalata Sen (1942)

Long I Have been a wanderer of this world,
Many a night,
My route lay across the sea of Ceylon somewhat winding to
The seas of Malaya.
I was in the dim world of Bimbisar and Asok, and further off
In the mistiness of Vidarbha.
At moments when life was too much a sea of sounds,
I had Banalata Sen of Natore and her wisdom.

I remember her hair dark as night at Vidisha,
Her face an image of Sravesti as the pilot,
Undone in the blue milieu of the sea,
Never twice saw the earth of grass before him,
I have seen her, Banalata Sen of Natore.

Whene day is done, no fall somewhere but of dews
Dips into the dusk; the small of the sun is gone
Off the Kestrel's wings. Light is your wit now,
Fanning fireflies that pitch the wide things around
For Banalata Sen of Natore.

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