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written by William Henry Davies
From "My Garden", 1933 Link to further information

Give me a night in June that's clear and quiet.
That I may stare at Heaven until I see
Her face all twitching to her farthest star -
Conscious of one true man's idolatry.

I stare at dewdrops till they close their eyes,
I stare at grass till all the world is green;
I stare at rainbows all their precious life,
Till nothing's left to prove what I have seen.

I stare at Robin Redbreast on his bough,
Till he comes down with many a pretty dance:
I stare at my own Self, and walk the earth
With half my spirit in a wonder-trance.

SemiPD-icon.png This work is in the public domain in countries where the copyright term is the author's life plus 70 years or less.