Beyond the Dawn

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Beyond the Dawn
written by Frederic Edward Weatherly
1911 Link to further information

What of the day, O weary eyes?
The day is hard and long;
The wind across the fairest skies,
It hath a dreary song.
O weary eyes, be comforted,
The dear God knoweth best,
However long the day may be,
The night shall give us rest.

What of the night, O aching heart?
The night may bring you pain;
Your dearest dreams may mock at you,
Your prayers may seem in vain,
Oh aching hearts, be satisfied,
Look up and have no fear,
The saddest night, the darkest tide,
The dawn will soon be here.

What of the night, the long, long night,
The passing bells that call,
The Valley of the Shadow,
And the grass that covers all?
Be not afraid, God's arm is nigh,
To guide you through the gloom,
The morning of Eternity
Begins beyond the tomb!

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