Chateaubriand's memoirs, XXXV, 17

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Mémoires d'Outre-tombe

Book XXXV, chapter 17
Monsieur Alexandre Dumas – Madame de Colbert – A letter from Monsieur de Béranger

Lucerne, the 26th of August 1832.

Madame de Chateaubriand has not yet arrived: I am going to take a trip to Constance. Monsieur Dumas is here; I met him before at David d’Angers’ house, when he was having himself sculpted by the great man. Madame de Colbert, with her daughter Madame de Brancas was also passing through Lucerne (both are no longer with us. Note: Paris, 1836.) It was at Madame de Colbert’s house, in Beauce, fifteen years ago, that I wrote the story of my childhood at Combourg for these Memoirs. Places seem to travel with me, as mobile, as fleeting as my life.

The post brought me a very fine letter from Monsieur de Béranger, in response to the one I wrote to him on leaving Paris: the letter has already been published, with a letter of Monsieur Carrel’s, in The Congress of Verona.