Chronology of Mahatma Gandhi's life/India 1937

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India 1936 Chronology of Mahatma Gandhi's life
India 1937
written by Mohandas K. Gandhi
India 1938

1937, January 3
Henry Polak and Agatha Harrison arrived.
1937, January 6
Gandhi left Segaon for Poona to meet G.D. Madgavkar, Umpire in Ahmedabad Mill Industry Wage Dispute.
1937, January 7
Arrived in Poona. Had discussions with Ahmedabad Mill-owners and labourers.
1937, January 8
discussions continued.
1937, January 9
Discussions continued.
1937, January 10
Gandhi attended reception at Justice Madgavkar’s residence. Left Poona for Madras en route to Trivandrum.
1937, January 11
Arrived in Madras.
1937, January 11
Left for Trivendrum.
1937, January 12
Arrived in Trivendrum.
1937, January 12
Addressed public meeting, Trivandrum
1937, January 13
Trivandrum. Presided over convocation of Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha.
1937, January 13
Visited Padmanabha temple.
1937, January 13
Addressed public meeting.
1937, January 14
Addressed public meeting on Trivandrum Proclamation at Neyattinkarai, Venganoor, Tecklai, Thiruvattar and Nagercoil. Arrived in Cape Commorin.
1937, January 15
Left Cape Comorin. Arrived in Trivandrum.
1937, January 16
Addressed public meetings at Varakalla, Paripalli and Quilon advising people to fulfil spirit of Travancore Proclamation.
1937, January 17
Addressed meeting at Thatharampalli advising people to learn Hindi.
1937, January 17
Spoke at Haripad on essence of Hinduism.
1937, January 18
Addressed public meeting at Sherthalai and Vaikom. Gave interview to temple trustee, Vaikom. Visited Thakzi.
1937, January 19
Addressed public meeting at Etamanoor, Kumaranellor, Thiruvarppu, Kottayam.
1937, January 19
At Kottayam had discussion with Bishop Moore, Bishop Abraham and others.
1937, January 20
Addressed public meeting at Kottayam, Changanacheri, Thiruvalla, Chenganoor, Aranmulla, Elanthoor and Pandalam.
1937, January 21
Kottarakarai. Threw open private temple to Harijans. Addressed public meeting.
1937, January 21
Left for Madras.
1937, January 22
Arrived in Madras. Spoke to students of Harijan Industrial School, Kodambakkam.
1937, January 22
Addressed prayer meeting.
1937, January 22
Gave interview to an Egyptian.
1937, January 23
Visited cyclone-affected areas of Guntur, and Bezwada. Also collected funds for victims. Left for Segaon.
1937, January 24
Arrived in Segaon.
1937, February 26
Jawaharlal Nehru and other Congress Leaders arrived.
1937, February 28 - 28
Gandhi attended Congress Working Committee meeting at Wardha.
1937, March 3
Had talk with an Egyptian Deputation on Indo-Egyptian relations.
1937, March 15
Gandhi arrived in Delhi.
1937, March 16
Attended A.I.C.C. meeting, which passed resolution on office-acceptance.
1937, March 17
In Calcutta, Subhas Chandra Bose was released from Prison.
1937, March 19 - 20
In Delhi, convention of newly elected Congress members of Legislatures and other A.I.C.C. members was held to take oath of national independence and allegiance to Indian people.
1937, March On or Before 22
Gandhi gave interview to leaders of Jamiat-ul-Ulema-I-Hind.
1937, March 22
Visited Industrial Training School.
1937, March 22
Left for Segaon.
1937, March 25
Left for Madras, accompanied by Kasturba, Manubehn Mashruwala, Kanu Gandhi (Junior), Mahadev Desai and Pyarelal.
1937, March 26
In Madras, spoke at Hindi Prachar Sabha Convocation.
1937, March 27 - 28
Spoke at Bharatiya Sahitya Parishad.
1937, March 28
Interview to The Hindu.
1937, March 30
In statement to the press, Gandhi declared that British Government "had broken to the heart what it had promised to the ear" by refusing to grant assurances required from Governors.
1937, March 30
Left for Segaon.
1937, March 31
Reached Segaon.
1937, April 8
Cabled to Agatha Harrison that legal opinion supported demand for assurances and condemned existing Ministries as illegal.
1937, April 10
In statement on political impasse, suggested appointment of judicial tribunal to decide whether it was competent for Governors to give assurances demanded by Congress.
1937, April 14
Left for Hudli.
1937, April 15
At Kalyan and Poona, interview to Associate Press of India.
1937, April 16 - 17
At Hudli, Gandhi spoke at Gandhi Seva Sangh meeting.
1937, April 18
Spoke to newly married couples; gave advice to brahmcharis at thread ceremony.
1937, April 20
Spoke at Gandhi Seva Sangh meeting.
1937, April 22
At Poona, en route to Segaon, interview to The Hindu. In interview to the Press, Gandhi described Cochin Maharaja’s order, which prohibited devotees from entering Cochin temples after their visit to Travancore temples, as "unsurpassed in irreligiousnes
1937, April 23
Reached Segaon.
1937, April 25
Left for Allahabad to attend Congress Working Committee meeting.
1937, April 25
At Nagpur, interview to the press.
1937, April 26
At Allahabad, interview to Associate Press of India.
1937, April 30
On the train, interview to The Bombay Chronicle.
1937, May 1
Gandhi reached Segaon.
1937, May 9
Left for Tithal (Bulsar).
1937, May 10
Reached Bardoli.
1937, May 11
Had discussion with Congress workers on choice of Haripura as venue for Congress session.
1937, May 12
Reached Tithal.
1937, May 12
In statement to the Press, observed that Congress demand was "perfectly constitutional and equally honourable for both parties".
1937, May 15
Interview to Associate Press of India on Bombay Governor’s speech.
1937, May 22
Gandhi addressed teachers of Gujarat National schools.
1937, June 10
In interview to The Times of India, said that Congress was awaiting a move from Government on constitutional deadlock.
1937, June 10
Left for Segaon.
1937, June 11
Reached Wardha.
1937, June 12
At Segaon, spoke to villagers.
1937, June 21
viceroy made statement.
1937, June 22
Interview to Associate Press of India.
1937, June 22
In letter to Lord Lothian, Gandhi explained that he had no faith in the "possibility of the existing Act to expand into an instrument of complete freedom" and that "the sooner it was replaced by something of Indian design the better."
1937, July 6
Spoke at Congress Working Committee meeting.
1937, July 7
Congress Working Committee meeting resolved that "Congressmen be permitted to accept office where they may be invited thereto".
1937, July 7
Gandhi spoke at opening of Hindi Pracharaks’ Training School.
1937, July 8
Interview to The Hindu.
1937, July 9
Gandhi had discussion with Abul Kalam Azad on choice of Muslim Ministers in Provinces.
1937, July 9
Vallabhbhai Patel issued statement on controversy between Nariman and himself.
1937, July 11
Gandhi attended marriage of Madalasa and Shriman Narayan.
1937, July 17
Breaking his self-imposed restriction, published in Harijan his article "Congress Ministries".
1937, July 17
Congress Working Committee stated in a resolution that fresh election would have been held had Vallabhbhai Patel been found guilty of allegations levealled against him by Nariman.
1937, July 27
Gandhi wrote to Viceroy accepting invitation to meet him in Delhi on August 4.
1937, August 1
Gandhi was at Segaon.
1937, August 3
Left for Delhi.
1937, August 4
Reached Delhi.
1937, August 4
Had interview with Viceroy regarding question of lifting ban on Abdul Gaffar Khan’s entry into Frontier Province.
1937, August 5
Reached Segaon.
1937, August 11
Had discussion with D.K. Mehta and P.B. Gole.
1937, August 12
Discussion with D.K. Mehta and P.B. Gole continued. In statement to Press repudiated Bombay Sentinel report on his interview with Viceroy.
1937, August On or after 16
In telegram to Rabindranath Tagore stated that he would do his utmost to end crisis arising from Andamans prisoners’ hunger-strike.
1937, August 20
In statement to Press on Nariman-Sardar controversy invited evidence from witness.
1937, August Before 24
Sent message to Travancore Women’s conference, Quilon.
1937, August 27
Through telegram appealed to Andamans prisoners to abandon hunger-strike.
1937, August 29
All but seven Andamans prisoners suspended hunger-strike.
1937, August 31
Releasing to Press his correspondence with Andaman prisoners, Gandhi expressed hope that they would be discharged unconditionally.
1937, September 1
Received news of Chhotelal Jain’s suicide; paid tribute to him through Harijan.
1937, September 3
Sent telegram urging Andamans political prisoners to give up hunger-strike.
1937, September 8
Telegraphed another appeal to Andamans prisoners. Wrote to viceroy regarding Andamans prisoners.
1937, September 8
Sent message to Tiruchengodu Taluk Political Conference.
1937, September Before 11
Had discussion with Ravishankar Shukla, Owen, De Silva and other educationists.
1937, September 11
In telegram urged Andamans prisoners to "end national anxiety by suspending strike".
1937, September Before 13
Gave interview to William B. Benton.
1937, September 14
Telegraphed Nilratan Sarkar to keep him informed about Rabindranath Tagore’s health.
1937, September 15
In statement to Press appealed to Government for release of Andamans prisoners.
1937, September 15
Met Justice Madgaonkar.
1937, September Before 24
Sent message to Karnataka Unification league, Belgaum.
1937, September 24
Andamans prisoners suspended hunger-strike.
1937, September 25
Gandhi issued appeal in Harijan for flood-relief in Orissa.
1937, October 1
Gandhi’s birthday according to Vikaram calendar celebrated.
1937, October 2
On his 69th birthday Gandhi sent message to Friends of India Society, London.
1937, October 6
Acknowledged birthday greetings through Press.
1937, October 14
D.N. Bahadurji visited Segaon with his judgement on Nariman-Sardar case. Gandhi wrote concurring note on it.
1937, October 16
Issued statement to Press on Nariman-Sardar case.
1937, October 17
In statement to Press appealed to Andamans prisoners not to resort to hunger-strike.
1937, October 17
Paid tribute in Harijan to Manilal Kothari.
1937, October 22
At Wardha presided over Educational Conference.
1937, October 22
Met Acharya P.C. Ray.
1937, October Before 23
Sent message to Shop Assistants’ Conference.
1937, October 23
Spoke at Educational Conference.
1937, October 25
Left Segaon.
1937, October 26
Arrived in Calcutta in morning.
1937, October 26
Attended Congress Working Committee meeting in afternoon.
1937, October 26
Met Rabindranath Tagore and discussed communal tension in Bengal.
1937, October 27
C.W.C. meeting continued.
1937, October 27
Gandhi had discussion with Bengal Premier and three of his ministers about release of detenus and Andamans prisoners.
1937, October 28
Met N. R. Sarkar.
1937, October 28
C.W.C. issued statement on "Vandemataram".
1937, October 29
Gandhi gave interview to deputation of political sufferers from Bengal and Punjab.
1937, October 30
Met Andamans prisoners in Alipore Central Jail.
1937, November 1
Issued statement to Press on negotiations for release of Andamans prisoners.
1937, November 1
On medical advice cancelled departure for Wardha.
1937, November 2
C.W.C. passed resolution on Nariman-Sardar case and released it to Press.
1937, November 4
Gandhi postponed Frontier tour and informed Abdul Gaffar Khan through telegram.
1937, November 7
Had discussions with ex-detenus in evening.
1937, November 9
Had interview with Governor at Barrackpore in afternoon.
1937, November 9
Gave statement to Press.
1937, November 11
Met N.R. Sarkar in morning.
1937, November 12
Met interness from Deoli in Presidency Jail.
1937, November 16
Had discussion with Fazlul Huq, Khwaja Nazimuddin, B.P. Singh Roy, Nawab Habibullah of Dacca, H.S. Suhrawardy and N.R. Sarkar in afternoon.
1937, November 17
Met Sir George Campbell and Arthur Moore in morning.
1937, November 17
Continued discussion with Khwaja Nazimuddin, N.R. Sarkar and B.P. Singh Roy.
1937, November 17
Left Calcutta at 12.50 p.m.
1937, November 17
Reached Kharagpur at 4 p.m.
1937, November 17
At 5 p.m. visited Hijli Detention Camp.
1937, November 17
In interview to ‘United Press’ declined to comment on his negotiations with Bengal Government.
1937, November 18
Arrived in Wardha in evening.
1937, November 21
Issued statement to Press on Bengal Government’s communique.
1937, November 27
Wrote foreword to Acharya Kripalanina Lekho.
1937, December 6
Left Segaon for Bombay on medical advice.
1937, December 7
Reached Bombay; stay at Juhu.
1937, December 14
Met Aga Khan and his son.
1937, December 21
Met Maharaja of Rewa.