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written by Walter de la Mare
Songs of Childhood (1902)

    Sweet Annie Maroon,
    Gathering daisies
    In the meadows of Doone,
    Sees a white fairy
    Skip buxom and free
    Where the waters go brawling
    In rills to the sea;
        Singing down-adown-derry.

    Sweet Annie Maroon
    Through the green grasses
    Runs fleetly and soon,
    And lo! on a lily
    She sees one recline
    Whose eyes in her wee face
    Like the water-sparks shine;
        Singing down-adown-derry.

    And shrill was her tune: -
    'Come to my water-house,
    Annie Maroon,
    Come in your pink gown,
    Your curls on your head,
    To wear the white samite
    And rubies instead';
        Singing down-adown-derry.

    Lean fish of the sea,
    Bring lanthorns for feasting
    The gay Faërie;
    And it's dancing on sand 'tis
    That's smoother than wool; -
    Foam-fruit and wild honey
    To pleasure you full';
        Singing down-adown-derry.

    Sweet Annie Maroon
    Looked large on the fairy
    Curled wan as the moon;
    And all the grey ripples
    To the Mill racing by,
    With harps and with timbrels
    Did ringing reply;
        Singing down-adown-derry.

    Sang the Fairy of Doone,
    Piercing the heart of
    Sweet Annie Maroon;
    And lo! when like roses
    The clouds of the sun
    Faded at dusk, gone
    Was Annie Maroon;
        Singing down-adown-derry.

    The daisies are few;
    Frost twinkles powd'ry
    In haunts of the dew;
    Only the robin
    Perched on a white thorn,
    Can comfort the heart of
    A father forlorn;
        Singing down-adown-derry.

    There's snow in the air;
    Ice where the lily
    Bloomed waxen and fair;
    He may call o'er the water,
    Cry - cry through the Mill,
    But Annie Maroon, alas!
    Answer ne'er will;
        Singing down-adown-derry.

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