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John Desmond Bernal. Britischer Physiker, der insbesondere auf dem Gebiet der Kristallographie arbeitete · Biografie
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John Desmond Bernal. One of the United Kingdom's best-known and most controversial scientists, known as "Sage" to friends, considered as a pioneer in X-ray crystallography in molecular biology, published extensively on the history of science · Biography
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John Desmond Bernal. Científico irlandés, nacido en Nenagh, en el Condado de Tipperary, destacado por su labor pionera en el ámbito de la cristalografía de rayos X · Biografía
fr / Français : 
John Desmond Bernal. Physicien britannique né le 10 mai 1901 à Nenagh (Irlande) et décédé le 15 septembre 1971 à Camden Town à Londres · Biographie · Œuvres sur Wikisource
pl / Polski : 
John Desmond Bernal. Brytyjski fizyk, historyk nauki, futurolog oraz działacz polityczny, profesor Uniwersytetu Londyńskiego · Biografia
ru / русский : 
Бернал, Джон Десмонд. английский физик и социолог науки, общественный деятель · Биография


Works in English

  • The World, the Flesh and the Devil: An Enquiry into the Future of the Three Enemies of the Rational Soul (1929) read online
  • Engels and Science (1930) read online
  • Dialectical Materialism and Modern Science (1937) read online
  • Psycho-Analysis and Marxism (1937) read online
  • The Social Function of Science (1938) read online
  • Science and the Humanities (1946) read online
  • Contribution to a Symposium on Atomic Weapons (1950) read online
  • on Disarmament (1953) read online
  • World without war (1958)
  • Letter to Harold Macmillan (1960) read online
  • Need there be Need? (1963) read online
  • Speech to UNCSAT (1963) read online
  • Some Practical Problems of Starting Scientific Research in Newly Developing Countries (1965) read online

Works in French

  • La Fonction sociale de la science (1939)
  • La science et le sort des hommes, traduction de Paul Langevin (1945)

Works about the author in English

  • Biographie de John Desmond Bernal read online
  • Site sur l'oeuvre de John Desmond Bernal read online
  • Marxism and the Philosophy of Science: À Critical History Helena Sheehan Humanities Press International 1985 and 1993 read online

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