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written by Walter de la Mare
Songs of Childhood (1902)

    Sleep, sleep, lovely white soul!
    The singing mouse sings plaintively,
    The sweet night-bird in the chesnut-tree -
    They sing together, bird and mouse,
    In starlight, in darkness, lonely, sweet,
    The wild notes and the faint notes meet -
      Sleep, sleep, lovely white soul!

    Sleep, sleep, lovely white soul!
    Amid the lilies floats the moth,
    The mole along his galleries goeth
    In the dark earth; the summer moon
    Looks like a shepherd through the pane
    Seeking his feeble lamb again -
      Sleep, sleep, lovely white soul!

    Sleep, sleep, lovely white soul!
    Time comes to keep night-watch with thee
    Nodding with roses; and the sea
    Saith 'Peace! Peace!' amid his foam
    White as thy night-clothes; 'O be still!'
    The wind cries up the whisp'ring hill -
      Sleep, sleep, lovely white soul!

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