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Copyright permission message

I am Billy's manager. He is the owner of his copyrights, but they are administered by publishers around the world.

I can give you permission to reproduce the lyrics and Billy is happy for them to be used, but neither of us can be bothered with loads of copyright stuff, especially with this song, which is written to be sung collectively.

I hope anyone who uses it commercially will give us some money, and that if anyone records the song it will have to be cleared through normal channels.

I cannot be bothered to go wading through loads of paperwork. You can use this letter as evidence if anyone comes after you, and I will also get them off your back. However I am reasonably confident that no one of our policemen will notice.

If that is not good enough for you then alas you will not be able to use the lyric, and no-one will be more upset than Billy and myself

Do feel free to phone me if you want.

All best wishes

Peter Jenner


Peter Jenner Sincere Management 35 Bravington Road London W9 3AB

Phone:+44 (0)208 960 4438

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Original edition The album "The Internationale" by Billy Bragg
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Notes After emailing to ask, the copyright permission is not fully compatible with GFDL due to restriction on commercial uses, so the text cannot be hosted on Wikisource. The reply is as above and logged at Wikimedia Commons OTRS Ticket#2008110810002939 ([1]). To confirm the permission, please contact someone with an OTRS account.
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