The Child in the Story awakes

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The Child in the Story awakes
written by Walter de la Mare
Songs of Childhood (1902)

    The light of dawn rose on my dreams,
      And from afar I seemed to hear
    In sleep the mellow blackbird call
      Hollow and sweet and clear.

    I prythee, Nurse, my casement open,
      Wildly the garden peals with singing,
    And hooting through the dewy pines
      The goblins all are winging.

    O listen the droning of the bees,
      That in the roses take delight!
    And see a cloud stays in the blue
      Like an angel still and bright.

    The gentle sky is spread like silk,
      And, Nurse, the moon doth languish there,
    As if it were a perfect jewel
      In the morning's soft-spun hair.

    The greyness of the distant hills
      Is silvered in the lucid East,
    See, now the sheeny-plumèd cock
      Wags haughtily his crest.

    'O come you out, O come you out,
      Lily, and lavender, and lime;
    The kingcup swings his golden bell,
      And plumpy cherries drum the time.

    'O come you out, O come you out!
      Roses, and dew, and mignonette,
    The sun is in the steep blue sky,
      Sweetly the morning star is set.'

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