The Child in the Story goes to Bed

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The Child in the Story goes to Bed
written by Walter de la Mare
Songs of Childhood (1902)

   I prythee, Nurse, come smooth my hair,
      And prythee, Nurse, unloose my shoe,
    And trimly turn my silken sheet
      Upon my quilt of gentle blue.

    My pillow sweet of lavender
      Smooth with an amiable hand,
    And may the dark pass peacefully by
      As in the hour-glass droops the sand.

    Prepare my cornered manchet sweet,
      And in my little crystal cup
    Pour out the blithe and flowering mead
      That forthwith I may sup.

    Withdraw my curtains from the night,
      And let the crispèd crescent shine
    Upon my eyelids while I sleep,
      And soothe me with her beams benign.

    From far-away there streams the singing
      Of the mellifluent nightingale,--
    Surely if goblins hear her lay,
      They shall not o'er my peace prevail.

    Now quench my silver lamp, prythee,
      And bid the harpers harp that tune
    Fairies which haunt the meadowlands
      Sing clearly to the stars of June.

    And bid them play, though I in dreams
      No longer heed their pining strains,
    For I would not to silence wake
      When slumber o'er my senses wanes.

    You Angels bright who me defend,
      Enshadow me with curvèd wing,
    And keep me in the darksome night
      Till dawn another day do bring.

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