The Fairies Dancing

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The Fairies Dancing
written by Walter de la Mare
Songs of Childhood (1902)

    I heard along the early hills,
    Ere yet the lark was risen up,
    Ere yet the dawn with firelight fills
    The night-dew of the bramble-cup,--
    I heard the fairies in a ring
    Sing as they tripped a lilting round
    Soft as the moon on wavering wing.
    The starlight shook as if with sound,
    As if with echoing, and the stars
    Prankt their bright eyes with trembling gleams;
    While red with war the gusty Mars
    Rained upon earth his ruddy beams.
    He shone alone, adown the West,
    While I, behind a hawthorn-bush,
    Watched on the fairies flaxen-tressed
    The fires of the morning flush.
    Till, as a mist, their beauty died,
    Their singing shrill and fainter grew;
    And daylight tremulous and wide
    Flooded the moorland through and through;
    Till Urdon's copper weathercock
    Was reared in golden flame afar,
    And dim from moonlit dreams awoke
    The towers and groves of Arroar.

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