The Funeral

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The Funeral
written by Walter de la Mare
Songs of Childhood (1902), 1916 ed.

They dressed us up in black,
    Susan and Tom and me -
And, walking through the fields
    All beautiful to see,
With branches high in the air
    And daisy and buttercup,
We heard the lark in the clouds -
    In black dressed up.

They took us to the graves,
    Susan and Tom and me,
Where the long grasses grow
    And the funeral tree:
We stood and watched; and the wind
    Came softly out of the sky
And blew in Susan's hair,
    As I stood close by.

Back through the fields we came,
    Tom and Susan and me,
And we sat in the nursery together,
    And had our tea.
And, looking out of the window,
    I heard the thrushes sing;
But Tom fell asleep in his chair,
    He was so tired, poor thing.

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