The Singer in the Mist

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Weird Tales ~ The Singer in the Mist
written by Robert Ervin Howard
First published in Weird Tales, April 1938. Third poem of Howard's "Sonnets out of Bedlam" cycle:
  1. The Soul-Eater
  2. The Last Hour
  3. The Singer in the Mist
  4. Haunting Columns
  5. The Dream and the Shadow
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At birth a witch laid on me monstrous spells,
   And I have trod strange highroads all my days,
   Turning my feet to gray, unholy ways.
I grope for stems of broken asphodels;
HIgh on the rims of bare, fiend-haunted fells,
   I follow cloven tracks that lie ablaze;
   And ghosts have led me through the moonlight's haze
To talk with demons in the granite hells.

Seas crash upon dragon-guarded shores,
   Bursting in crimson moons of burning spray,
And iron castles ope to me their doors,
   And serpent-women lure with harp and lay.
The misty waves shake now to phantom oars—
   Seek not for me; I sail to meet the day.

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