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General concept

The purpose of this site is to host images and texts in the public domain, or under a free license.


The copyright status of all texts and other material hosted here must be indicated where it appears, or by an appropriate link to a discussion page or to the head page of a multipage document.

Public domain

This site is hosted in Canada and therefore it follows Canadian copyright law. Works clearly in the public domain are all legally acceptable. The relevant parts of the law are summarized at public domain in Canada.

The principal rules of thumb for Canadian copyrights include:

  • Copyright lasts for the life of the author plus fifty years.
  • Canada follows the rule of the shorter term, except for works from Mexico or the United States, due to membership in NAFTA. This means that both Mexico and the US copyright material has at the very least Canadian-length copyright protection. In some cases, in US copyright law, copyrights expired if they were not explicitly extended. In Mexico copyright law, there have been a variety of term lengths in the past.

Accepted licences

Wikilivres accepts texts in the following licences:

Other licences may be acceptable, but should be discussed before they are applied.

Unacceptable licences

The following licences were considered acceptable when this site was still hosted at

These will no longer be generally accepted. In particular, it would be contrary to the spirit of free publication to impose such restrictions on the translation of a work which is itself already in the public domain. Much of that content was spun off by users here to

Some exceptions may be necessary when this serves a greater good, such as publications by the Canadian government. Other exceptions are all subject to review.


This site currently accepts material in the English (including Middle English), French, Russian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Czech, and Polish languages. Additional languages may be acceptable on condition that sufficient skills are available for the curation of material in such languages. Small collections of Albanian, Dutch, Esperanto, Georgian, Hebrew, Neapolitan, and Turkish material are also hosted here.

Where to publish

You are welcome to publish texts here if they cannot be accepted in Wikisource. Most texts that can be accepted in Wikisource should be published there.

Exceptions apply for optional inclusion of

  • texts that are of particular interest in Canada or to Canadians may be placed in either project, and
  • early texts of authors whose other works are mostly barred from Wikisource.

Original publication

We strongly discourage the publication on this site of works which were never published elsewhere; this will avoid the risk of becoming a vanity press. Any such material completed or substantially completed before the transfer of material from will be retained for the foreseeable future. In the case of translations, publication in the original language will be treated as prior publication.


Wikilivres does not accept any responsibility for the content of texts. These are the exclusive responsibility of the contributors, whom we assume to be acting in good faith. Please check the licence of your works before adding them here; you may in some circumstances be asked to provide documentation of those rights. In the face of a credible challenge to a work, whether on copyright or other legal bases, the work may be immediately deleted but still available for restoration if the challenge is later determined to be invalid.